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No Agreement on Pension

Pension and Benefits ResourcesNJEA President Wendell Steinhauer released the following statement in response to Gov. Christie’s budget address earlier today: “Throughout our discussions with the commission, we have focused on policy approaches that will benefit the state and our members.  Unfortunately, today politics trumped policy. NJEA is deeply disappointed that Gov. Christie overstated the nature of the understanding we reached with the commission after many months of conversation. We stand by our statement earlier today, which clearly and accurately outlines the nature and extent of our discussions and our commitment to future discussion. Read More…


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 NJEA Reacts to Court Decision on Pension

Wendell SteinhauerNJEA President Wendell Steinhauer released the following statement regarding the legal ruling by Judge Mary Jacobson on NJEA’s pension lawsuit yesterday and the Final Report of the New Jersey Pension and Health Benefits Study Commission expected to be released soon:

“We are very pleased that Judge Jacobson so clearly and unambiguously ruled that Gov. Christie and the State of New Jersey have a legal obligation to fund the pension according to the law he signed in 2011.  It’s the right decision and a fiscally appropriate response to the pension funding crisis that the state has created for itself over the last 15 years.  It’s time for Gov. Christie to finally do the responsible thing and fund the pension systems. It is deeply disappointing that he has indicated that he will continue to fight the ruling. Read more…   Watch the Video


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aa96a457-3f78-46b0-8a4c-fb1571ff9e92Parking PARCC

The NJ State Assembly passed A-4190. This bill freezes the use of PARCC high-stakes standardized test scores for three years. The bill now moves to the Senate and it is very important that you contact your senator and ask them to vote yes on S – 2768 (the Senate’s version of the same bill).


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ESEA reauthorization

ESEA NCLBAmerica’s cornerstone education legislation – they need to hear the voice of educators telling them the new federal education bill MUST mean more opportunity and learning for students. Contact your Congressman or call today at 866-331-7233 (tel:866-331-7233) and ask them to pass a new ESEA bill that provides opportunity & full funding for all students.


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Christie Commisssion

Christie CommissionThis commission makes recommendations regarding the quality and effectiveness of student assessments. It is imperative that we share our stories with the Christie Commission regarding PARCC. Click here to email your thoughts and/or concerns.




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