President’s Message

Hello, SCEA!

Tommy Lasorda, longtime manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, once observed, “there are three types of baseball players – those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” The same holds true for elections…and their consequences.

When school districts had to cut programs for students and families, too many of us wondered what happened (Hint: Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos slashed federal funding for public education).  When Chris Christie was reelected to a second term as governor despite rampant corruption and mismanagement, too many of us watched it happen.  However, when pro-public education leaders got elected and passed legislation that saved our members money and provided sorely needed job protections, it was because we made it happen!

We need to make it happen again in this coming election.  When SCEA members take action to support great candidates for office in November, we all reap the rewards of good legislation.  Merely voting isn’t enough — it’s time to get out of the dugout and get involved!

Here are the major NEA, NJEA or SCEA endorsed candidates in Somerset County:

  • Joe Biden for President
  • Cory Booker for Senate
  • Tom Malinowski for Congress
  • Paul Drake and Doug Singleterry for Freeholder

All of these candidates are steadfast supporters of students, families, educators, and public schools.  Many of them are fighting desperately close races with their opponents.  Stated bluntly, we need your help as an SCEA member to get them elected!

Thank you for everything you do each day, and for all your efforts ensuring the future of our county, our state and our nation with your vote and your activism.

Dan Epstein, President

Somerset County Education Association


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