President’s Message

Hello SCEA!

Every educator knows that no two school years are the same.  They each feature unique challenges.  From this perspective, 2019-2020 hasn’t been different.  Surely, no one could have predicted the pandemic and remote learning, but this is really just another scenario to which we’ve had to adapt.  We have continued to do what we’ve always done: use our creativity, drive, and expertise to meet the needs of our learners and school communities.

Our members and our association have taken leading roles in adapting to our new world.  We have risen to the challenges all around us with our communities struggling in myriad ways.  The SCEA has helped support several area food banks.  Many of our local associations have found similar ways to do their parts to help those in need right now.  Members in practically every worksite throughout Somerset County have developed their own special ways to strengthen their communities.

This edition of the SCRIBE is all about how we, as educators, continue to make an enormous positive impact.  I am incredibly proud that we continue to go above and beyond to take care of each other, especially now, but I am not at all surprised.  After all, this is what we’ve always done.

As always, thank you so much for everything you do!

Dan Epstein


Somerset County Education Association


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