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Oppose Charter Expansion in Franklin!

New Jersey public schools are at risk due to the diversion of funds created by an overabundance of charter schools!

The excellent programming offered by the Franklin Township Public Schools is under threat by the proposal to create an unnecessary charter school in the community. We must passionately oppose the proposal of the Ailanthus Charter, which puts students’ educations at risk and diverts millions of tax dollars.

The Ailanthus Charter School has recently been granted conditional approval to begin operation in 2018. If final approval is given, approximately 7,000 Franklin Township students will be affected by a reduction of services and increase of class sizes due to potential layoffs.

Join your neighbors for a panel discussion on Thursday, February 9, 2017, at 7:00 p.m., at the Franklin High School Cafeteria. We need to pack the house for this event! Click here to register for the discussion. 

Click here for Franklin Twp Unite Flyer.

Please take a moment to sign and share the petition found here that will be delivered to Kimberley Harrington, acting Commissioner of Education, voicing opposition to the growth of charters in Franklin Township.
This misguided proposal will create an unsustainable financial burden for the district while undermining ongoing measurable student progress. The existing charter schools currently draw 9.8 million dollars from the public school budget. This debt is projected to grow to 20 million dollars in six years if charter growth in Franklin continues!


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