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Classroom Temperature Legislation Petition

No child should have to deal with extreme classroom temperatures that are not conducive to learning and may pose a serious health risk, yet New Jersey has failed to implement temperature control legislation. In an era of increasing temperatures, longer summers, and harsher winters because of climate change, the problem of extreme temperatures in the […]

Save Our Schools NJ – Snow Day Homework!

From Save our Schools NJ: BREAKING!! SNOW DAY!! Here’s something you can do to help public education NOW!! State offices are closed today. It’s a great day to call and leave a message. On Monday, February 13, the Assembly Education Committee will meet to consider ACR215, which declares the PARCC graduation requirements adopted by the […]

Oppose Charter Expansion in Franklin!

New Jersey public schools are at risk due to the diversion of funds created by an overabundance of charter schools! The excellent programming offered by the Franklin Township Public Schools is under threat by the proposal to create an unnecessary charter school in the community.¬†We must passionately oppose the proposal of the Ailanthus Charter, which […]