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SCRIBE 2015 Final (1)

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This year there will be five uncontested and three contested positions for you to cast your ballots: SCEA President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Delegate Assembly, and Delegate Assembly Alternate, Executive Committee, and SCEA representatives to the National Education Association Representative Assembly.

Elections will be conducted by direct mail between April 1 and April 16. Ballots must be received at the address indicated in the mailing.

This issue contains candidate information and job descriptions for each office so that you may better familiarize yourselves with the positions and the candidates vying for each. All candidates are listed alphabetically. Please remember to vote!!

County Officers (elect 1 each for 2 year term):

SCEA President (uncontested): Steve Beatty – Bridgewater-Raritan

SCEA 2nd Vice President (uncontested): Dan Epstein –¬†Franklin Township

SCEA Recording Secretary (uncontested): Laura Bochner –¬†South Bound Brook


Delegate Assembly

The Delegate Assembly determines the policies of the Association, approves the Association budget, acts upon reports from the NJEA officers, the Executive Committee, and all standing committees, and elects New Jersey representatives to the NEA Board of Directors. DA members are elected by members of their counties and units of representation.

Delegate Assembly ( elect 2 for 2 year term)

Laura Bochner

Andrew Coslit

Karen Ellis


Delegate Assembly Alternate (elect 2 for 2 year term)

Dan Epstein

Rhonda Sherbin

Elaine Thurmond


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee executes policies approved by the Delegate Assembly. Committee members are elected for terms of three years by members in their unit of representation.

Executive Committee (elect 1 for 3 year term, uncontested)

Gayle Faulkner


NEA Representative Assembly

Responsibilities: The RA is convened every July during the Annual Meeting. At this meeting, representatives to highest deliberative body debate issues that impact American public education, elect top officers, and set policy for the Association.

NEA RA Representatives (elect 6 for 1 year term)

Laura Bochner

Andrew Coslit

Gwendoline Duralek

Kim Edwards

Karen Ellis

Virginia Hawkins

Elaine Thurmond

Kristina Fallon Tomaino

Dave Yastremski


NEA RA Ethnic Minority Representative (elect 1 for 1 year term, uncontested)

Karen Ellis


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